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Greatest Quote in Movie History..Or at least in a horror flick


The “Welcome To Primetime…” line from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Poor Jennifer. All she wanted was to be a TV star, but Freddy Krueger has other plans. It’s irony with a capital “I”. What’s great about this one-liner was the timing and the fact it was actually improvised by Freddy himself, Robert Englund.

You will never watch an episode of Green Acres again after seeing this.


Mario Rap

Forget about mushroom men, hills with smiley faces, turtle troopers and anything associated to the beloved Nintendo games. The first (and worst) video game adaption of all time, Super Mario Bros (1993) is one cheesy Blade Runner-With-Dinosaurs flop but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance to it.

Edited by yours truly, I have taken clips from the Mario film and put a remix of Eminem’s Just Lose It at the background. Starring Bob Hoskins as the beloved Brooklyn plumber Mario, John Leguizamo as Luigi (minus the moustache) and the late, great Dennis Hopper as King Koopa.

“Gone With The Wind” it ain’t, but the Super Mario Bros is so bad its…well…good!


Miss Me?

Peggy Bundy

"Al!!!! They killed Oprah!"

Fear not! After grueling a week of uni assignments, I’m finally back in Straight From The Recliner. I got my groove back and I promise you, there will be  a new post daily. So don’t worry, you won’t be seeing Arnie’s face that long! I got lot of stuff to rant about!

Howdy stranger!

Where talking about movies is WAY better than your dead-end job!

Welcome to the hyped-up premiere of  STRAIGHT FROM THE RECLINER! This fun-packed blog celebrates what we, everyday couch potatoes,  love  about all things pop culture.  Forget about trendy TMZ-esque celebrity goss and snobby arthouse critics . From movies to books to TV sitcoms to even 90s’ saturday morning cartoons,  normal suburban joes like you and me are going to have our say about what we read, hear or see. There’s going to be laughs, tears and everything in between!

Expect to see wacky segments that could rival Hey Hey It’s Saturday and more random movie references than a story-less Family Guy episode.  So sit back, relax and release your inner fandom! It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

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