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Who digitalised Roger Rabbit?

It’s amazing what you would find on the Internet. Recently leaked out on YouTube, here’s what appears to be a screen test for the canceled sequel, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 that was made as a pitch for Disney executives in 1998. Not only it was supposed to convince Disney to make the sequel but it features a computer-generated version of Roger Rabbit himself. Keep in mind, this is all real and not fan-made.

The second Roger Rabbit movie was originally a prequel titled Toon Patrol where Roger and other Toons fight Nazis in World war II (no joke) and later a more family-friendly direct sequel set to be made in the late ’90s until Disney shut it down.

However, director Robert Zemeckis has announced there are new plans to make Roger Rabbit 2 after Disney went retro again with the long-awaited sequel Tron Legacy.

So yes we might see Jessica Rabbit swing her hips again very soon.

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Mick Foley: The Movie!!???

Mick Foley

Here’s unexpected news. According to IGN, hardcore wrestler and bestselling author Mick Foley has teamed up with film production company Union Square Media to make a biopic movie based on his life.  Foley and his manager Barry Bloom will write the screenplay, but it’s too early to tell if the film will be a documentary drama such as Foley’s first movie Beyond The Mat or an acted drama piece like (i.e. Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler). More importantly it’s a mystery whether or not Foley will play himself in the picture, since Jerry Lawler played himself in the 1970s-set drama Man On The Moon, or hire an actor to play as him. It should also be noted that Foley is now wrestling for TNA and left WWE in bad terms around mid-2008. Most of Foley’s memorable moments were at the WWF/E, including the dive from Hell In A Cell and the 1999 Royal Rumble I Quit Match where his own family watched in horror from ringside. So it should be interesting if WWE will have a presence in the movie despite Foley working at the rival company.

I have no idea who should play Foley other than the man himself, but I always thought Warren Beatty would be perfect to play Vince McMahon.

Warren Beatty (Left) and Vince McMahon (Right)

Fingers crossed for a cameo from Mr. Socko!

Looks like somebody is watching too much “Pinky And The Brain”

…and it’s not me.

While discussing about cloning on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor in 2007, US politician Christine O’Donnell was quoted in saying “American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with FULLY FUNCTIONING BRAINS.

She meant to say about scientists growing human brain cells inside mice, but who can resist poking fun at a misquote?

US news channel MSNBC has forgotten to add that Ms. O’Donnell also believes there’s a “pig man” hiding somewhere at a New York Hospital.

If only Julia Gillard approves a mutation policy so pig men and brain-powered mice can run free in Down Under.